Welcome to Monosodium Glutamate

Although “Ajinomoto” has been used for 100 years to give “unami” flavor to the food products, there was a rumor about its safety usage.
In the past few decades the bad image of MSG (was considered to be responsible for the Chinese restaurant syndrome and fatness) is totally vanished because of the following facts:

1. In the year 1979 the USA Food and Drug Administration (USFDA) categorized the MSG as “GRAS – Generally Recognized as Safe” and considered it in the same category as salt, and sugar.
2. In 1987, the joint FAO/WHO (Food and Agriculture organization with World Health organization) of United Nations affirmed that MSG is safe for human consumption on a daily basis throughout the life.
3. In 1991 the Scientific Committee for Food European Union (EU SCF) granted MSG as safe flavor and acceptable for daily intake.
4. In 1992 the American Medical Association summarized that MSG in normal content does not affect against human health.
5. 1993, the American Academy of Paediatrics Committee confirmed that the consumption of MSG does not affect against the breastfeeding mother and infant.
6. In 1995, USFDA reaffirmed the safety of consumption of monosodium glutamate and it has no scientific evidence of the relationship between MSG and adverse effect against human health.
7. In 2002 the Food Standards Australia New Zealand FSANZ reviewed the safety of MSG.